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We have placed Australia, United Kingdom and United States in our directory. To view the country you want, please use the drop down menu directory>directory country, or use the menu at the bottom of the page.


This maybe because you didn't enter your correct email when registering. Please submit a new ticket with your details and we will check for you. Alternatively you can try the forgotten password feature placed, an automated password reset email will be sent to you if you have entered your correct email.
Many people use our website and don't wish to use certain sections or services we offer, therefore we have designed our website to allow only register to the areas you want to. This also helps with security and database area. If you use the Facebook, or Google login/register features, then you can use the same login. This also helps those who don't wish to register to both sections.
Unlike other companies, events or large directories services, they have many team members working and fixing issues within their web site. Sadly we don't have that, our team of volunteers offer their time to help and keep our services free, so if you do find an issue with our website, or something isn't spelt correctly (it happens we're only human), then please do tell us by sending a message via our contacts page. Thanks.
We are being informed about this issue and are looking into resolving the problem. We feel the issue arises when a user registers using a certain browser (say Chrome), and then clicks the email verification link, another browser opens up, or in mobile phone (say they use Firefox as the default browser) which causes conflictions.
Sometimes your emails from us will go into Spam/Junk folders instead of your inbox. You can save the email address we use to send your notification emails into your contact list/address book, to avoid that happening. If you're still having issues, please submit a ticket and tell us which section you are trying to login to and we will check for you.
This could happen when you use a different browser to register and confirm your email. Our system uses cookies for each session to maintain the connectivity between the browser and the database server.
Simple, we have no right to ask what you do with your money or what you spend it on, or why you’ve stopped donating to us it's your choice. If you had a loan, then the person you’ve borrowed money from has a legal right to ask, we don’t as it’s a donation, this is why we don’t contact anyone. Saying that, we would like to say thank you for supporting us and wish you all the very best with your pathway.

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